Parasite Level

These are the labels we use below and their meanings:

  • Banner – A popup message
  • Transmission, Symptom, or Ability – What we changed in each category
  • Random – A random disease mutation, sometimes we devolve it, sometimes not

Disease:Parasite    Level: Brutal    Beginning Country: Argentina

Strategy – The strategy for this level is similar to earlier ones. Stay under the radar, infect people by upgrading your transmission and devolving any symptoms. Once you’ve infected everyone, get deadly.

Here is our gameplay:
  • 2X speed
  • Banner – Ships use new sterilizing cleaning techniques
  • Random – Coughing symptom mutated (devolved)
  • Abilities – Symbiosis 1, Symbiosis 2, Symbiosis 3, …. Transmission – Water 1, Air 1
  • Abilities – Drug Resistance 1 (has reached US/Europe so to help spread)
  • Banner – Cysts symptom mutated (devolved) / Scientists increase understanding of tumors (if you get this randomly now, devolve it ASAP to slow the cure)
  • Abilities – Cold Resistance 1, Heat Resistance 1, (Argentina has a balanced climate, so to help it spread in Russia, Canada and parts of Africa I enable both Heat & Cold Resistance.)
  • Banner – London Olympics Planned,
  • Random – Rash symptom mutated (devolved)
  • Abilities – Drug Resistance 2
  • Banner – Rash symptom mutated (devolved), Nausea symptom mutated (devolved)
  • Symptoms – Cysts, Hyper Sensitivity, Paralysis, Coma, Anaemia, Haemophilia, Internal Haemorrhaging, Hemorrhagic Shock, Necrosis
  • Abilities – Genetic Hardening, Genetic Hardening 2
  • Banners – Sweden starts to work on a cure, New minor disease spreading, First death in Finland, Global concern over Ethereal, Saudi Arabia leading global cure effort, Canada shuts down airports, Global research focused on cure, China begins to break down, Morocco in anarchy
  • *****Your DNA points should be jumping significantly now, time to upgrade Abilities*****
  • Abilities – Genetic Reshuffle 1, Genetic Reshuffle 2, Genetic Reshuffle 3
  • Banner – Ethereal to eradicate humans